Introduction 👋🏻

Card to JSON

Getting Started

​ is the fastest way to add insurance card scanning to your mobile (iOS, Android) application, web application, or backend systems.
Our UI components for React and mobile can be integrated in 5 minutes or less.

Design Goals 🎨

Get an overview of our API design and the machine learning algorithms powering on the Design Goals page.

Authentication 🔐

Data security is our #1 focus. This API has been built with robust authentication and authorization to protect our users. Read more on the Authentication page.

Developer API 💻

Our API enables developers to build a custom integration or leverage as part of backend workflows. See API details and code examples on the Developer API page.

UI Components 📲

Simple and configureable components can be dropped into web or mobile applications in minutes.
Need a different UI Component or have questions about the API? Let us know: [email protected]​
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